Properly Caring For Your Glass Water Pipe

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Properly Caring For Your Glass Water Pipe

5 June 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you just purchased a glass water pipe to use for smoking purposes, you are most likely excited about trying out your new piece. Each time you utilize your glass pipe, it will be necessary to take proper precautions in keeping it in the best of condition. Remnants can clog the interior portions of your pipe and improper handling can cause nicks or cracks to occur. Here are some tips you can use to help in keeping your glass water pipe looking like new and working properly for as long as possible. 

Keep Your Water Pipe In A Safe Location

It is best not to leave your smoking apparatus in a location where it is at risk of falling or getting knocked into by a person or pet. Keep your glass water pipe in a location where it is completely contained so it is safe from potential breakage. A china cabinet shelf or inside a cabinet with a closing door would be best as the piece would be kept out of the hubbub of daily activity within your home. It should only be removed when you are going to use it immediately afterward. 

Clean The Pipe To Remove Smoking Remnants

Regardless of what type of substance you smoke in your glass water pipe, cleaning it frequently will be necessary so burnt residue does not clog the passageway used to supply air through to the mouthpiece. Dunk the glass water pipe into a sink basin filled with water to moisten the interior portion. Flush the inside with a mixture of half iodized salt and half rubbing alcohol after you remove the pipe from the sink basin. This will loosen any particles from inside of the unit. The mixture can be pushed through the pipe with help from a medicine dropper. Let the pipe sit for a minute or two and then rinse it again in the basin of water to remove the mixture. If desired, dip your pipe inside a bowl of vinegar to clean it further.

Polish Your Pipe To Keep It Looking Like New

Your glass water pipe will look its best if you take the time to remove fingerprints and smudges from the exterior portion of the device. This can be done by rubbing the pipe with a piece of soft microfiber cloth so scratching is not an issue. Moisten the cloth slightly to remove any caked-on grime from the glass, making sure to rub it gently in the process. Another piece of dry cloth can be used to polish and dry your pipe afterward.