What Groomsmen Gifts Can Show Your Appreciation Without Breaking The Bank?

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What Groomsmen Gifts Can Show Your Appreciation Without Breaking The Bank?

23 August 2017
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If you're planning your wedding with your betrothed, you may be surprised at how the cost of so many common items seems to increase dramatically whenever the word "wedding" is added to their description. If you'd like to provide your groomsmen with gifts they'll use in their daily lives without paying the "wedding tax," you may find yourself scrambling for ideas that will be both memorable and affordable. Read on for several groomsmen gift ideas that can adequately convey your appreciation without breaking the bank.

Custom cigars 

Whether celebrating an engagement, a wedding, or the birth of a child, nothing says "special occasion" quite like a customized cigar. By providing your groomsmen with their own custom cigars (with or without a personal humidor), you'll be able to enjoy a few puffs at your wedding or reception while allowing your groomsmen to continue to celebrate your love as they pull out these cigars for future special events. 

Custom cigars need not be expensive; in most cases, the only customization needed is of the label or outer box, which can be easily accomplished without much setup time or effort. Check out retailers like Blue Mountain Cigars for premium cigar bundles.

Craft beer cooler

If your groomsmen have long ago given up their taste for cheap college beer in favor of local craft brews, providing them each with an insulated, monogrammed cooler designed to hold their favorite 12-pack can be an appreciated gesture. These coolers are easily customizable and inexpensive, letting you gift the entire male half of your bridal party for less than the cost of a couple dinners. 

Your groomsmen are likely to use this gift each time they head out to a festival, concert, or just a lazy day on the lake. And even if one or more recipients later decides to give up the beer-drinking life, this cooler can hold bottles of water, soda, or seltzer as well.  

Whiskey decanter 

For groomsmen who prefer hard liquor to beer or cigars, a custom-cut whiskey decanter can be an instant heirloom. Unlike many groomsmen gifts, which may be tossed into a drawer or on a bottom shelf when not in use, a whiskey decanter can become part of your groomsmens' kitchen or bar area decor. And while a customized glass whiskey decanter can look (and feel) expensive, many are surprisingly affordable, making this the perfect option for smaller, more intimate weddings where your groomsmen may be tasked with a number of unexpected duties.